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Bear Ware are the mugs I first started building in my kitchen at home. They are named for many different things, mostly for Berwick (where I live) and the superb rhyme. Slab built in stoneware, they are designed to look loosely like a family group; hard-working functional pottery! The larger mugs have generous handles, and all but the 'Wee Bears' come with an embossed handle and foot ring. Sizes are approximate, but as a rough guide are:


  • Grandpa Bear - The Biggest Bear Ware Mug, created for people who just need a lot of tea. Almost half a litre in capacity - you've been warned.
    100mm tall, diameter 90mm, volume 500ml

  • Daddy Bear - The Original Bear Ware mug, ideal for tea-lovers who like serious a serious brew in serious stoneware. 
    90mm tall, diameter 80mm, volume 350ml

  • Mummy Bear - As tall as the daddy, but more refined and graceful, this is stoneware ideal for cappuccinos, lattes and milky hot chocolates
    90mm tall, diameter 70mm, volume 250ml

  • Baby Bear - Just starting out, this chunky little teenager is suited to strong coffee, flat whites and decadent, rich hot chocolates
    60mm tall, diameter 60mm, volume 200ml

  • Wee Bear - The very wee one - with a thinner handle and not foot ring, suited to those who like their coffees short, strong & hot!
    55mm tall, diameter 50mm, volume 150ml


All the mugs are hand made, with individual carved decoration, and a maker's mark on the base. Please expect variations in the glazing and decoration - it's hand made baby!

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