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These two videos were made back when I was a hand-building kitchen-potter. They are designed to show the process of making a simple mug - these have since been tweaked in form and now are the core of the pottery I make and sell. 

Please be kind - I am not a natural on the camera. 


I hope you love your pot (or pots) because that's why they have been made. If however, you aren't completely satisfied, I will happily refund the full amount upon return of the goods. Requests for a refund must be made within 28 days. 


All pottery on sale at Ravn Clay is currently made out of high-fire stone ware buff clay. Bone dry clay pieces are bisque-fired to cone05/1032C, dip-glazed (on the whole) and then fired again at cone 6/approx 1223C. All pottery for sale is designed and hand-made on site in Northumberland by Keith Webster. 


I currently use a range of commercially available glazes, pre-mixed, that are applied via dipping or brush. Data information sheets are held on record for all glazes.

elf & safety

All functional ware is designed to be used. All glazes are lead free and certified food-safe by their manufacturer. I would recommend hand-washing items as I cannot state with certainty that they are dishwasher-safe.


As all vessels are hand-made, they are subject to variation. Please note that photos on the website will be representative of how a collection of similarly built and glazed pieces look, and the item you purchase will vary slightly from that displayed. 

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